Tag: Storykin


  • Biyo Venna

    Biyo Venna was once chef of the Striding Fortress, but was exiled. He was sent to the Midnight Circus where he was assailed by Tengu Clowns. Upon his rescue, he thanked the party and asked them to rescue the other travelers, telling them about the …

  • Bernaditi

    Bernadeti is one of the Conspirators of the [[Harrowed Realm | Harrowed Realm]]. He is the ringmaster of the Midnight Carnival. He offered his token to the party in wager in a battle of wits, but [[:dubon-of-barovia | Dubon]] stormed in and beat him to …

  • Brambleson

    Brambleson is one of the lord of the Briar. He yearns to travel and adventure, but his home continues to follow him through his domain in the Tangled Briar. He challenged the party to a duel in exchange of his conspirator token, the Dancing Heel.

  • Barrow King

    The Barrow King rules over Barrow Island. He retrieved the Bard's heart after [[:mourning-choir | Mourning Choir]] regurgitated it up in her remorseful state. He lives in the cemetery among the restless spirits who died in the Harrowed Realm. He …

  • Marzalee the Weaver

    Marzalee lives in the Manmolds within the [[Harrowed Realm | Harrowed Realm]]. There she gives birth to many little grubs that are resculpted into storykin. She hates [[:ticktock-man | Ticktock Man]] and the [[:nightpeddler | Nightpeddler]] who steal and …

  • Balio and Balimar

    Balio and Balimar are two Conpirators who direct plays at the Sanguine Playhouse Balio is an Eidolon in the shape of a Varisian male. Balimar is a puppet-like summoner. They are terrible at directing, and are very desperate for new actors for their play.

  • Zassrion

    Zassrion is the Lord of the Striding Fortress. He captured [[:ashlyn-undead-hunter | Ashlyn, Undead Hunter]], [[:meloigne-garracy | Meloigne Garracy]], and [[:roque-meier | Roque Meier]] for some unknown purpose.

  • Mourning Choir

    Mourning Choir, formally Radiant Sunrise, is a Couatl and former conspirator against [[:sonnorae | Sonnorae]]. She consumed her heart and felt immediate remorse for what she did. She vommited the Bard's Heart, which was found later by the [[:barrow-king | …

  • Algon the Ever-Seeking

    Algon the Ever-Seeking was a paladin, and still thinks he is. He continually searches for [[:zassrion | Zassrion]], and lets no one get in his way. He ran into the party and demanded they give him their tokens, but they defeated him in combat and …