Tag: Ravenloft


  • Count Strahd von Zarovich

    Strahd von Zarovich is the vampire lord of Castle [[Ravenloft | Ravenloft]] and Count of [[Barovia | Barovia]]. He somehow found the power to be immune to the light of the Sun and plans a campaign to conquer the land that was once his. He harassed the …

  • Sasha Ivliskova

    Sasha serves the [[:count-strahd-von-zarovich | lord]] of Castle Ravenloft. She approached [[:dubon-of-barovia | Dubon of Barovia]] in the middle of the night, asking him to come to the [[Ravenloft | castle]] with her. when he declined, she asked for him …

  • Sir Urik

    Sir Urik is a Knight of the Raven that the party ran into at the Crossroads. He was knocked unconscious by the attacks of Allips, and they carried him with them. He awoke and went with [[:davion | Davion]] and [[:ko-jak | Ko'Jak ]] to secure more aid.

  • Lugdana

    Lugdana was a Paladin who lived far before the time of [[:count-strahd-von-zarovich | Count Strahd von Zarovich]]. She was given the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind by a celestial and used its power to destroy a nest of vampires.