Creator of the Harrowed Realm


Sonnorae was a Varisian Bard from long ago. She created a vast library of wealth and hid it away. She is also the creator of the Harrowed Realm, where she lived peacefully, until she was betrayed by her creations and torn apart. Her spirit returned to her body as a twisted mockery of her former self. It was then destroyed by the party.

When she was killed, her body and power was split among the tokens of the conspirators.
Bernaditi: ?? – A ruby and garnet pendant – ?
Brambleson The Dancing Heel – A tiny shoe carved from green feldspar – ?
Mourning Choir – The Bard’s Heart – a large ruby – granted Sonnorae’s compassion to the one who consumed it.
Balio and Balimar – ?

Marzalee the Weaver – The Busy Hands
Ticktock Man – ?

Herself- The Black Bit
Zassrion – ???


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