Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

My Esteemed Guests

It was only a matter of time that the group of travelers in my domain would make it to my Castle. They wasted little time, I’m sure, on searches for ways to do me in, even though they did go to that fortune teller, I’m sure. Little did they know that their misguided sense of honor had led them right into my trap.

Ill prepared and not even knowing what true horror they faced, they had dinner with me, going so far as to bring my dear Ireena Kolyana to me. Doubtless she told them about our nocturnal encounters previously, yet they still brought her to me. For that, I must thank them.

However, their ignorance and stupidity cannot be ignored! I had to spell everything out to them, and it’s such a shame. I would hope that with the prodigal knight returning to these lands, that I’d have more of a challenge. No matter, they will all serve as an amusement as they fall one by one. And fall they shall, for the treacherous levels of my castle are a death trap to any who attempt to navigate them, and when they thought themselves clever by obscuring my vision, they only made it easy for me to make my exit and for my beloved to make her escape. Soon we shall have our rendezvous, and then… it’s on to them…

There is no escape, not when my greatest enemy is now powerless to stop me. With the power I possess, the warmth of the sun is mine at last. Eternal youth, power unimaginable, and free reign to wander where I please whenever I please. Never have I known such joys!

I must find that rat. Perhaps he has the key to the completion of my plan…?



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