Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Kess's thoughts prior to the party regrouping.

“I better start with the blade-guard” Kess thinks to himself “Huh-ta-dot-da it seems to be taking the others ages to get out. I’m sure their all right” He starts unpacking his lab and going about his work, heating up some vials or mixing various chemicals. “What am I doing?” He stops, holding a vial above a burner. “Has my reach exceeded my grasp?” He pulls his hand away from the burner, sloshing the vial from side to side in thought. “Was it right what I did?” He glances behind him towards Tris, who is watching a beetle slowly make its way up the wall. “Have I taken away her free will? Have I made her my slave?” He turns back to his lab, staring down at the vial he is holding. Slowly setting it on the burner.

A small angry fist slams into his makeshift table, causing some bottles to topple and spill. Scowling in anger Kess starts cleaning them up, but his mind continues to wander. “Have…have I really?” He pauses a moment, a rag in one hand and a chipped vial in another. “Is she not free to act? Is she still capable of doing as she wants?” He starts using the rag to clean the desk. “I haven’t taken her free will. She can commit wrong freely can’t she? I can’t stop her from doing anything.” He finishes cleaning and goes back to the vial on the burner. “What have I done then? I gave her rules didn’t I? I gave consequences to her actions, I have effectively put law into place over a single person.”
Shaking his head slightly as he takes the vial off the burner and replaces it with another. “She is free to act, but not free of the consequences of her actions. Am I different from that?”

He corks the finished potion. “Did the warren council not impose law and exile me, to which I accepted?” He brings his hands together, tapping claws together, his expression his seemingly confused. “I accepted those laws because they agreed with what I thought true. But I haven’t exactly bothered with laws in the past if they didn’t think like I did, can I pick and choose my laws to follow?”

Kess sniffs the air, realizing one of his vials is burning he hastily pulls it off. After checking to make sure its alright he corks it with a sigh. “What gives me the right to impose law over another? Especially when I mostly despise it being done to me?” Kess leans against his make shift table, thinking. “What gives anyone the right to impose law? Divine right? If so, does that mean an anti-paladin given divine right by Rovagug is just as lawful or right as one given divine right by Iomedae?” Kess frowns “If they have opposing views then who is right? Both have been given divine right, is it who is stronger? Does might make right?”

Kess replaces another vial on the burner, staring into the finished one. “What about the cases like now? When its a rat imposing law over a savage? I am stronger then her, does that make me right? Am I right because of my might?” Kess freezes in place, suddenly aware that Tris is staring intently at the back of his head. “She’s thinking about me, I…How did I know that?”

His potion on the burner starts issuing smoke and he moves to take it off. Corking both bottles and putting them away. Shaking his head slightly he turns his attention back to what he has done. “I suppose the dominion of gods is nothing but contradictions, better I just do things how I see them. What I see is someone evil I can redeem or fail and die trying to. What I see is a chance to help someone help themselves whatever the cost to me.” He pulls his last vial off the burner, tracing a clawed finger along the mouth of the bottle.

“I’m a hypocrite aren’t I?”

“I despise restrictions on my freedoms but do it to another, justified or no.” He pauses, tightening his grip on the vial he holds. “Then so be it! If I have to break my own code to do what is right then fine! Better to be a hypocrite then a callous monster that would watch another slowly die a painful death!” The vial he is holding emits a large snap, his grip tightening enough to cause it to crack.

Kess looks down at it, annoyed with letting his anger get the better of him. “Did I always get angry this easily? I need to get a hold of myself, I’ll need to be thinking clearly when the group gets back.” He starts packing away his lab, just as he is about to finish he thinks “If they get back…” Sighing, he sits down on his bag.



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