Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry (Emen)

Journal Entry 9

     Since we have resolved our business at the ruins we went to the crossroads, this time our search bore fruit. We found a box which once held the Sunsword. However it appears someone retrieved it before we did. Considering the time we have taken I am not surprised. We made our way back to town to gather supplies before our assault on the castle.

     When we arrived Dubon inquired with the townsfolk about Ashlyn, and our suspicions were confirmed: It seems she found the Sunsword, but it was not activated. She along with her party went to Madam Eva to inquire about how to unlock its true power.

     As we went to Bildrath the merchant, we received a letter. It was from Strahd announcing his wedding where he will marry Ireena. My blood ran cold, my heart is racing. I do not know what Strahd has done, but I will not allow him to continue with his sick games. I have acquired a large amount of stakes, garlic, and flour for dealing with Strahd. I do not know how he was made a vampire, but I will unmake him. We have gone to Madam Eva to meet with Ashlyn so that she might aid us. I know my reaction is more than just my desire to slay undead, but this is still the right course of action. I do not hate Strahd because he is a tyrant (as some have called him). There are many other reasons, some of them personal, but every day I am reminded of why I must be unwavering in my pursuit of undead. Every time an item falls from my trembling hands or I hear errant whispers I remember why.

     Disaster has struck! My attempts at righting his wrongs have been delayed. By some incredible sorcery we have been transported to a strange world. We have been met by strange birds in absurd costumes assaulting a cook. I do not know if we are still on the material plane anymore. The sooner we can escape, the better. I must get out of here, no matter the cost.



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