Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry (Emen)

Journal Entry 8

     After dusting ourselves off and healing from our wounds we went deeper into the ruins. We entered some werewolves, no doubt they have made this basement their lair. We dispatched them quickly, apparently they suffer from some sort of illness or disease. Although one was still alive it could not help us learn more about this area. We came to a locked door soon, and spent some time attempting to unlock it. During this investigation Kess seperated himself from us via a stone barrier.

     In the next room we found a room of fire elementals staring us down. Thanks to quick thinking Rajani was able to understand their speech. It seems they were trapped here and anchored to that room. I was able to negotiate with them and break the anchor, allowing them to return home. I admit that helping them was an exciting experience, but I am glad that our meeting came to an end. However, what we found inside the room made the ordeal well worth the struggles we have endured.

     Among the bones of previous adventurers we found it! The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind! I do not know how it got here, nor do I care. I know that now we can finally approach the castle, and put an end to Strahd once and for all. We should attempt to procure the Sunsword before then, and make preparations before assaulting the castle. I can only hope that Ireena is safe. Before I distract myself I should log everything else.

     In the final room we found what appeared to be a woman, who was trapped by four magical runes carved into the ground. However something did not seem right, and she revealed herself to be a strange creature I did not recognize. Dubon still felt honor bound to help, and that we did. There were two beasts guarding the runes, as well as a way out, but they were of no consequence. The being was able to escape before Dubon could slay it unfortunately. We made our way back to Kess.

     While we were gone it seems he has lost his mind. Apparently in order to save that werewolf he bound his life to it. While this cured it’s disease, it still remains a lycan. Furthermore should it die, he will too. Now not only must we tolerate Kess further endangering the party and himself, but we are forced to bring a lycan with us. I think Dubon was about to snap. Rajani has decided to take care of the monster for now, apparently our new cohort (although I am loathe to use such a term) is named Tris. I can only hope this co-venture will end soon. Regardless we have made much progress, my thoughts are increasingly on Ireena. I hope we can find her before it is too late.



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