Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry (Emen)

Journal Entry 3

     After we finished slaying the undead we spoke with Ashlyn, a paladin who was protecting the townsfolk. She told us that two of her companions went to investigate the church and she has not seen them in several days. We decided to help her, all of us save for Ko’Jak. He has decided that saving two lives and investigating the church would not be profitable and demanded additional payment. We eventually left without him, but he rejoined us a short while later. I do not know why. Perhaps he persuaded someone to give away their well-saved earnings. Either way we arrived shortly at the church, after only having to fight a handful of ghasts.

     The church was in a poor state of repair, and appeared to have been ill, maintained. After we entered we were attacked by a priest and a handful of undead. Dubon managed to take down the rogue priest, and Davion was most effective at hindering some of the more dangerous foes.

     After the short skirmish we took a moment to investigate the church, and find any sign of Ashlyn’s companions. However, while Ko’jak was investigating a hole in the floor, a portion of it collapsed. We jumped down to join him. What we found below was truly horrendous. We have since discovered that the priest had a son who died, and he was grief-stricken. In this grief he attempted to resurrect his son through, unsavory means. We fought what remains of his son. Worse yet we found Ashlyn’s companions, but it was too late. we might have suffered the same fate if Dubon had not struck down the creature. He even told us to leave so that he might hold the creature off. The monster was slain, and with that the church was silent.

     In the aftermath we discovered the priest’s mistaken attempt, as well as a book which instructed how to create such a monster. In the priest’s diaries we found references to the castle, as well as a mysterious entity named “Strahd”. Further investigation will be required.

     As we finished our investigation everything is quiet. It might be that the undead have been weakened. I know it will do little to console Ashlyn, but perhaps some greater progress against the undead might help. Such progress would no doubt make our task of aiding Ireena Koylana. I do not know what will await us when we meet her. She is held up with her father’s body, trying to hold the undead at bay. I hope we can be swift in our task, before the undead progress even further.



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