Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry (Emen)

Journal Entry 2

     After discussing the options for the children Roque volunteered to stay behind and protect them. This may have been an ill omen, considering what would follow. During our next skirmish as we moved closer to town we found more undead, and they were accompanied by some sort of unusual heads. Dubon spoke to them in their language. They retreated from battle before we could slay them. I will have to ask Dubon what was said.

     Before we continued forward that miserable rat, Ko’Jak could not control himself and began to disembowel a corpse of a former undead. He began to cover himself in it’s blood, and insisted that it was “for a disguise” but I can scarcely believe it. Before I could discuss this further we heard a battle ahead of us, and we rushed forward.

     We were met with a paladin fighting off undead who had broken through a barricade in the center of town. Among the ranks of undead was a mummy. I do not know who disturbed it to make it rise, but I have a feeling we will find out eventually. After the battle cleared (and I applied water to Ko’Jak to make him presentable) we introduced ourselves. Ashlyn, the paladin from earlier, was protecting he townspeople in the center of town, and attempting to ward off the undead. Without our help I do not think she would have succeeded. Nevertheless her courage against overwhelming odds is commendable. She says that two of her companions have gone to the church where they believe is the source of the undead plague. They have not returned yet, and it has been some time. I wish to help her find her companions, regardless of what has happened to them.

     With my ability to heal injuries waning presently I hope we will rest soon. While Dubon may have questionable allegiances I do not doubt his effectiveness in battle. Our party has nevertheless been hurt greatly, Davion in particular. I will heal what I can and offer my services to the town while we rest. Afterwards we will continue onwards to the church, and hopefully be one step closer to finding out what has happened to this town.



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