Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry #2 [Dubon]

We’ve managed to save the Lightbringer, a lady named Ashlyn. She seems to be of my profession, but a holy knight of Sarenrae in place of Iomedae. The little one worries me, though. I’m unsure whether this place is getting to him or he wasn’t right in the head in the first place, but he smeared the remains of a zombie on himself with no regards for cleanliness so that he might sneak amongst the undead undetected, although I’m sure someone of his persuasion would have little trouble going un-noticed on the battlefield.

Emen has proved himself time and again with his holy bursts of light, but he seems worn out now. The boy needs to pace himself. Davion didn’t fare much better either, having no end of troubles whether it was slipping on air or maiming his fist. We need to discuss tactics soon, or we won’t be able to effectively operate as a team. I hope to take them under my wing and guide them to becoming great companions that may rely on each other in even the most dire of straits, which we will undoubtedly have to face.

I’m most impressed by Ashlyn, however. She was able to keep evil at bay, protecting a host of villagers for a whole day alone. I’ve not seen a woman of her caliber since Iomedae walked this plane. I do worry that she’ll exhaust herself fretting about her two friends who went off to the church three days ago, as the protecting sort are wont to do.



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