Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry #1 [Dubon]

Ever since I awoke, I’ve felt something pulling me. Eventually finding my way to a small town outside of Barovia, I met the soul calling me; Emen Belard, a young follower of Irori, inside the Weary Horse Inn. Irori sent him in order to help me with my… affliction. He seems decent enough, a bit serious for his age, but lacks compassion. He may distrust me, but I wish to bond with him, and hopefully soften his stony composure.

He told me of his patron organization, the Lightbringers, and how he was waiting both for me and his compatriots to arrive. They slowly trickled in, and were a lively bunch. The monk named Davion is full of mirth, complete with an echoing laugh that’ll be sure to brighten to mood on our trip. The little one, Ko’Jak, has become attached to me. I fear he allows others to ruffle his feathers for being a Ratfolk, and chooses to disguise himself as a small child when we’re around company. Roque has been quiet, and his scars disclose his past.

After they enjoyed a round of ale, a messenger came bearing news of the Lightbringer’s mission; A maiden by the name of Irrena Kolyanna is suffering from illness, one which can only be cured by something contained within the castle. This is an excellent opportunity gifted to me by Iomedae to look for a cure myself, although I hold reservation about storming the front of this castle. I can’t recall, but something puts me off about it.

We managed to enter Barovia proper with little hassle, but we found the streets crawling with the undead. We dispatched of them with enough ease, although I worry this is simply the beginning of a grueling journey. I hope my companions are prepared.

Making short work of the undead that plague this town, we happened across two little ones hiding in a closet, placed there by their parents who were undoubtedly succumbing to the taint of this land. Davion wished to carry them with us into the town square, where we would be fighting alongside another Lightbringer, who had sent for reinforcements the day hence. I tried reasoning with him, but he would have none of it. Roque volunteered to stay behind with the girls while we barricaded the doors to keep them safe, although I doubt anything would be roaming by them. Despite being a man down, we continued on with newfound determination of protecting the little ones and providing much-needed support for a Lightbringer in need.



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