Tag: Villager


  • Arik

    Arik is the bartender of the [[Blood of the Vine Tavern | Blood of the Vine Tavern]] in [[Barovia | Barovia]]. When the party accidentally burned his bar in a fight against [[:count-strahd-von-zarovich | Strahd's]] minions, he insisted they be on their …

  • Bildrath

    Bildrath is the owner of [[Bildrath's Mercantile | Bildrath's Mercantile]] in [[Barovia | Barovia]]. He is rather miserly.

  • Danovich

    Danovich was once the priest in charge of the church in [[Barovia | Barovia]]. When his son, [[:doru | Doru]], died, he turned to Alchemy and "Urgathoa":http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Urgathoato bring his son back to him. By using the _Liber …

  • Ireena Kolyana

    Ireena is the daughter of the [[:kolyan-indirovich | Burgomaster]] of [[Barovia | Barovia]]. She was apparently cursed, or so the party's false letter says. When her father died, she remained with his body while the hordes of undead surrounded the town, …

  • Ismark the Lesser

    Ismark the Lesser is the son of the burgomaster of [[Barovia | Barovia]]. He spends his time in the[[Blood of the Vine Tavern | Blood of the Vine Tavern]], where he drinks his sorrows away. He was able to inform the party that his father was dead and that …

  • Parriwimple

    Parriwimple is the stock boy at [[Bildrath's Mercantile | Bildrath's Mercantile]] and [[:bildrath | Bildrath's]] nephew. He's a rather simple man, but his heart is in the right place.

  • Kolyan Indirovich

    Kolyan Indirovich is the Burgomaster of [[Barovia | Barovia]] and father to [[:ismark-the-lesser | Ismark the Lesser]] and [[:ireena-kolyana | Ireena Kolyana]]. He was supposedly the man who sent the party a letter asking to help Ireena, but Ismark made …

  • Doru

    Doru was the son of [[:danovich | Danovich]]. He ran in into thieves out in th[[Old Svalich Road | Old Svalich Road]] and was killed. His father then turned to the dark arts and revived him as an abomination of a creature. Doru's dark influence animated …

  • Gertruda Bogoescu

    Gertruda was raised by her mother, [[:mad-mary | Mary]], who gave her a beautiful room any little girl would love. One day she disappeared, and Mary fears that [[:count-strahd-von-zarovich | the master of the castle is to blame]].