Holy Symbol of Ravenkind


The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind is a platinum amulet shaped like the sun, with a large crystal embedded in its center. Around the crystal are inscribed symbols of light and truth.


The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind is a unique holy symbol sacred to the good-hearted faithful of Barovia. It possesses powers that can only be accessed after the item is specially bonded to its wielder.

The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind actually predates the establishment of any church in Barovia, and its existence is thought to be a reason for the prevalence of the raven symbol in that land. It was first used by a paladin named Lugdana, who was among the earliest settlers of the valley.

According to legend, a giant celestial raven—or an angel in the form of a raven—delivered the Holy Symbol to Lugdana so she could use it to root out a nest of vampires. To this day, vampires have a powerful loathing for the symbol and all it represents.

Kolyan Indirovich used it to keep the forces of Count Strahd von Zarovich at bay. Upon Kolyan’s death, neither his son nor his Daughter were able to use its power. Unfortunately it disappeared one night, a thief probably taking it away to some secret location.

The party consulted Madam Eva, who told them to seek it in an ancient place. Eventually they stumbled across it in a room in an ancient tower. Whoever took it must have made his or her way into the furnace room of an ancient wizard’s tower, and was burned to death, leaving behind a charred corpse and the Holy Symbol.

Madam Eva’s Reading: This symbol is a powerful force for good and protection against the forces of darkness. Seek it in an old place, one near the setting sun that predates the evil that has come on this land. This card speaks of the past—an ancient past beyond that even of Count Strahd and his family. In the west there is a remnant of this past, west of the crossroads. Seek it there.” The holiness of this item waits for hands of holiness to touch it once more, but that is not enough to bring its power back to life You must bring the symbol to the dizzying height that all loathe to climb. The castle’s highest tower, where the road winds ever upward, reaches to the heavens.

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

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