Deck of Harrowed Tales


The Deck of Harrowed Tales is a unique harrow deck linked to the Harrowed Realm. Once per day, at a mental command from its wielder, the Deck of Harrowed Tales can create a swirling vortex to the Harrowed Realm, as per the spell gate. This ability does not function while the deck is on the Harrowed Realm.

When inside the Harrowed Realm, the group that controls the deck may call upon one of the cards to aid them in their time of need. Each card may only be used once, whether it grants a boon or not.

Cards in the Deck
The Paladin
The Dance
The Trumpet
The Hidden Truth
The Winged Serpent
The Empthy Throne
The Keep
The Cricket
The Survivor
The Wanderer
The Midwife
The Theater
The Big Sky
The Juggler
The Desert
The Joke
The Publican
The Unicorn
The Uprising
The Rabbit Prince
THe Mountain Man
The Vision
The Carnival
The Courtesan
The Cyclone
The Demon’s Lantern
The Waxworks
The Snakebite
The Lost
The Liar
The Beating
The Crows
The Idiot
The Mute Hag
The Betrayl
The Fiend
The Avalanche
The Tangled Briar
The Rakshasa
The Eclipse
The Tyrant
The Forge
The Locksmith
The Inquisitor
The Queen Mother
The Marriage
The Bear
The Peacock
The Teamster
The Foreign Trader
The Owl
The Twin


The Deck of Harrowed Tales was created bySonnorae to be a gate to her demiplane, Harrowed Realm. After her death, it was passed down from owner to owner, eventually falling into the hands of All-Seeing Hajeck. When Hajeck opened the portal to throw the PCs in, the Deck was sucked into the Harrowed Realm with them.

Deck of Harrowed Tales

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