Tris Bureva

Werewolf Former Adventurer


Tris was one of a group of adventurers who traveled to Barovia. When her and her companions were bitten by werewolves, they succumbed to lycanthropy and cast aside the trappings of their former lives to live as a band of beasts.

They discovered an ancient structure and decided to live there, but eventually contracted some mysterious disease, of which many of her pack died. She and one of her packmates attacked the party,but she was spared. Weakened and tied up, she was forced to parlay with those she had sought to kill.

Kess fed her a potion that tied their life forces together. Healed of her most egregious affliction, she was still a werewolf, but seemed less bloodthirsty. AFter a long debate, she was blackmailed by Kess, who realized if one of them died, both would. Wanting not to die, she reluctantly agreed to be leashed by him, though his allies weren’t so quick to allow a monster with them. So Rajani decided to see to Tris’s redemption so that Dubon may not fall. He cannot willingly associate with an evil being because of his vows, but he can protect a clergymember who had taken it upon herself to redeem a tainted soul.

She followed the party around, but staid behind at civilized areas. When they fell into the Harrowed Realm, she was separated from them.

Tris Bureva

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