Madam Eva

Fortune Teller of Barovia


According to the townspeople, Madam Eva is a fortune teller who lives west of the town. Many people go to her for advice on the future. She is a large woman, who hunches over in her ample tent. She gave the party the following readings

In regard to Count Strahd von Zarovich: He who dwells in Castle Ravenloft is a powerful man whose enemy is light and whose powers are beyond mortality. You will seek him in the castle, and though he might find you many times, you will find him only once. You will find him when the three servants of Hell are slain, in the place of their Gathering. A spawn of Hell has come to the top of one of the castle towers, and she is served by an unholy trio. The powers of good will protect you from harm in this place. The darkness desires a light; death seeks warmth from the living. To win the light, the darkness seeks to be illuminated, to face the rays of the sun without fear. The lord of the castle seeks to found a dynasty, ruled with a lady by his side.

Sunsword: What you seek is a blade of light, a weapon for vengeance! Seek it where paths cross and the damned lie buried. This is a card of the crossroads. To wake it, take it to the place of supplication. A chapel stands on the castle grounds. There the light may yet awaken it.

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind: This symbol is a powerful force for good and protection against the forces of darkness. Seek it in an old place, one near the setting sun that predates the evil that has come on this land. This card speaks of the past—an ancient past beyond that even of Count Strahd and his family. In the west there is a remnant of this past, west of the crossroads. Seek it there.” The holiness of this item waits for hands of holiness to touch it once more, but that is not enough to bring its power back to life You must bring the symbol to the dizzying height that all loathe to climb. The castle’s highest tower, where the road winds ever upward, reaches to the heavens.

Tome of Strahd: The tome you seek holds knowledge of the ancient and knowledge of the land. The tome lies on the throne of an ancient king. Castle Ravenloft was once the seat of a kingdom. If you find the tome and delve into its secrets, you will discover the source of the lord’s strength. If you read it carefully, you may also discover how to rob him of that strength. Your quest is doomed. You must find the three defiled places described in the tome. At each fane, you must kill its dread guardian and place the guardian’s body inside. At this you will never succeed."

After divining the party’s future, Eva had her Vistani attack them for reasons unknown. But she fled when Emen Belard started to attack her.

She has not been seen sense that day.

Madam Eva

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