Ireena Kolyana


Ireena is the daughter of the Burgomaster of Barovia. She was apparently cursed, or so the party’s false letter says. When her father died, she remained with his body while the hordes of undead surrounded the town, intent to preserve him from them and the Count’s dark forces.

She is sure that Strahd is after her, for she has had dreams where he kisses her and calls her ‘Tatyana,’ but when she awakes, she finds marks upon her neck. She has had this dream twice before and seeks to put an end to the Count before he returns to her a third night. To that, she wishes to visit Madam Eva to divine what purpose she has and retrieve her father’s “Holy Symbol of Ravenkind.”

She traveled with the group to Ravenloft, and was silent when Strahd was speaking. After Emen Belard hatched their escape plan, Ireena ran off into the depths of the castle.

She is now betrothed to Strahd.

Ireena Kolyana

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