Count Strahd von Zarovich

Lord of Barovia


Strahd von Zarovich is the vampire lord of Castle Ravenloft and Count of Barovia. He somehow found the power to be immune to the light of the Sun and plans a campaign to conquer the land that was once his.

He harassed the home of Kolyan Indirovich and killed him, according to Indirovich’s son, Ismark the Lesser.

Ireena Kolyana saw Strahd in dreams, calling out to her as “Tatyana.” When she awoke, she discovered marks on her neck.

Dubon of Barovia remembers a Strahd who ruled the castle in ages past. Strahd seems to know a bit about Dubon, as well.

According to Madam Eva, Strahd will meet the party several times, but they will find him only once when the three servants of Hell are slain, in the place of their Gathering. The powers of good will protect them from harm in that place.

The darkness desires a light; death seeks warmth from the living. To win the light, the darkness seeks to be illuminated, to face the rays of the sun without fear. The lord of the castle seeks to found a dynasty, ruled with a lady by his side.

The party met Count Strahd when he invited them to his castle. There he revealed that he found a way to be immune to the sun and he offered the adventurers a chance to join him or die. They chose to leave and fight against him, and he taunted him as they fled his castle.

Strahd threatened the heroes with attacks every night in order to weaken their resolve, but is doing so in more of a playful matter, referring to his attacks as “parties.”

He plans to wed Ireena upon the next evening’s Midnight.

Count Strahd von Zarovich

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