Ashlyn, Undead Hunter


Ashlyn is one of the Lightbringers who came to Barovia searching for the legendary weapon known as the “Sunsword.” Her companions Thendrick and Mahtilda, left without her for the church and never return. She remained behind to help the town, but the tide turned foul. Luckily, she was able to seek aid from outside and the party was able to rescue her.

The party decided to join her and help her find her companions, and she and them headed for the church the very next day. There she discovered the undead remains of her former companions. Stricken with terror, it affected her ability to fight, but during the conflict, she grew more and more in her admiration for Dubon of Barovia.

Thanking the party, she promised to help them out while on her quest for the Sunsword, but when Dubon revealed his undead nature to her, she left, vowing to destroy him the next time they should meet.

She found the Sunsword with the help ofRoque Meier, but could not activate it. She sought Madam Eva to tell her how to do so, but ran into All-Seeing Hajeck instead, who thrust her and Roque into the Harrowed Realm where they languish in the Striding Fortress

Ashlyn, Undead Hunter

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