Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry (Emen)

Journal Entry 10

     We are stuck in this strange place for the time being. I want to escape quickly so I can save Ireena. I remember that letter, and I do not want to think about what might happen if we aren’t there in time. Nevertheless it seems clear how to escape: we must acquire tokens of conspirators who killed the creator of this realm. Eventually we will find a scaled creature known as Zassrion. I fear he is a dragon, something we may not be able to defeat. However I will not give up so easily! We have made great progress thus far in fact.

     We found a Rakshasa who was the ringleader of a circus. As soon as Dubon saw his evil we immediately battled him. It was close, thanks in part to Kess not participating. It is possible he was under his spell so I will not judge him harshly yet. Nevertheless we were victorious.

     Next we traveled though the forest, and came upon a mysterious creature. It appears he was once a conspirator, but he was willing to relinquish his token after a duel. Dubon obliged him and the token was ours.

     We finally made it to the graveyard, after being troubled by a strange bird. It seems there was a conspirator who guarded the dead. He seemed to know much about us, despite being stuck in this place. Nevertheless undead are but a trifling matter for myself. He was put to rest, and another token was ours.

     We were then met by a most curious figure: a knight calling himself Algon the all-seeking, despite his airs he put on of honor, he demanded the tokens we had claimed thus far, and it was not until a skirmish that he gave up. After that we decided it was time to rest, and we returned to the house we found in the forest. I hope that we can leave this place soon. Although I did not, and doubt I could have known about this event happening, I still cannot help but feel that there is blame on myself for being sidetracked to this place when we have a more pressing mission.



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