Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry #4 [Dubon]

Our journey has taken a curious turn.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, as I am wont to do.

Kess and Rajani have decided to keep the werewolf as their pet, and like a dog they’re going to teach it to behave. I will not tolerate any disobedience from her. However, I will allow Rajani her distractions. Her distractions. Not mine.

Balam is Strahd’s equal in atrocity. I have no one to blame but myself for accepting that agreement, however. We did not even need its help in the end. Regardless, I must be more wary of whom I trust, which is now only compounded by our current situation.

We went in search of the Sunsword, giving the Crossroads one last try. While we had found, indeed, the spot where it once lay, upon retrieval of the box we found it empty. Ashlyn had taken it, and my suspicions were only confirmed when we went to the town, where Ismark said she had indeed been here earlier, most angry that a fortune teller had shortchanged her on a reading.

We went to this seer, All-Seeing Hajeck, who has taken residence where once Madam Eva plyed her trade. We sought knowledge of Ashlyn, and where she had gone, and as to whether she indeed had the Sunsword or not. Hajeck asked us if we wanted to go to where Ashlyn was, an seemingly innocent question, we were ripped from Barovia and dumped into a carnival of another plane.

A plane where clown crows were attacking a defenseless chef, Biyo Venna, who knows where we are, at least. We are on the private plane of a powerful sorceress, Sonnorae, and she used the Harrowing deck to travel between planes. The cards indeed have power, which Rajani was quick to pick up on. It seems that we do not have power over the deck, only that we may ask it for help.

Biyo told us he had heard of Ashlyn, Meloigne, and an old companion from when we first entered Barovia, Roque. They have been taken captive at the Striding Fortress, but we are not able to rescue them until we’ve retrieved… tokens, from these creatures known here as Conspirators.

And we’ve a wedding to attend on the morrow’s eve, one during which Strahd will marry Ireena, one which we must stop. I can only pray to Iomedae that we are outside of Barovia’s grasp, and that the time we spend getting back does not operate at a similar speed to outside, back home.

Yes, home…



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