Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry 12 (Emen)

Journal Entry 12 (Emen)

     We have entered the desert of this place in search of the Nightpeddler. The desert here is different than most I’m used to. The air is hot, and the sun is bright, but the sand is desolate and featureless. Without the sun moving in the sky it would be hard to know the time at all in the place. However, after most of a day’s travel we found a merchant being chased by an air elemental. This place truly has all manner of creatures. It seems the air elemental was drunk and didn’t mean any harm. I am sure it will have plenty of time to sleep off its drink now. The merchant said he was grateful for our aid, and offered us some wares. After buying what we could, he agreed to take us to the Nightpeddler, so we can retrieve his token.

     After making camp however I started to feel weak and went to sleep. I was wary from our travelling today, and my affliction was licking at my heels. Even in my sleep it persisted, when I awoke I remember falling into the desert sand and everyone staring. I suppose at this point telling them my condition is better than withholding it, despite my anxiety about such. I must admit that I am ashamed to not be in greater control of it. This should not be such a problem, and I cannot afford to have it weighing me down.



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