Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Journal Entry 11 (Emen)

Journal Entry 11

     We have covered more ground since my last entry. We have gained more tokens, but still require more before we can escape.

     We cleared a mountain, which had a multitude of creatures. There were azers, cyclops, even a stone sculpture of immense size which stood through the floor as if it were petrified. I can’t say they held much interest for us though. When we made it to the last room someone spoke from an unseen place. Whichever conspirator it was decided to keep themselves hidden.

     After getting our bearings on the mountain we decided to head for a walled in area. It appeared to be a sanctuary of some sort. Inside we only found a goblin and a unicorn squabbling, and what was left of the creator of this plane. After putting her to rest and acquired her token.

     We then set our sights on the manmolds, as we would find out, this is where all of the inhabitants are made. It seems that they are some sort of intricately made creatures from animated wax. The crafter, Marzalee explained this to us, and has been grateful enough to give up her token in exchange for killing one of the other conspirators. We are setting off to deal with the Nightpeddler in the desert now.



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