Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Forgotten Dream

Should someone have happened upon the small man crouched among the forests brush they would instinctively become unnerved. Not because the man seemed to be fused with a rodent of sorts, leaving him as a mockery of man and beast, nor because he was missing any clothing. What would unnerve any observer would be the fearful furtive look on his face, a primitive and feral urgency, a sort of fear that is infectious. The rat-man gazed about with small black eyes, rubbing his pink hands together while his ugly scaly tail swished about behind him. He broke cover from the brush, darting quickly among the trees in a brown fuzzy blur. The bush and brush parted as the rat moved with a natural quickness, freezing in place occasionally with his large round ears spinning as if to better hear. Several times the rat man stopped at a tree and hastily scrambled up the branches to sit waiting and watching. This continued on for awhile, the small rat-man scurrying through the seemingly endless forest with the same urgency that was beginning to border the territory of panic. That is, until he chanced upon an inhabited clearing by mistake. In the small clearing sat another man of eerie similarity to the rat. Near in height the other man was reptile in nature, the same odd mockery of humanity with his green scale covered skin and reptilian eyes and teeth. As the rat man burst into the clearing he slammed directly into the lizard man, knocking him flat. Both gazed surprised each other for a very long second before one thought to act. The lizard man broke his daze first, leaping to his feet and charging the rat. The rat reacted in kind with the same savagery, leaping to the challenge. Both mockeries of mankind locked arms and teeth, the reptile seizing the rat around the chest trying to crush him as the rat retorted with biting into the reptiles shoulder. The pain of the rats large teeth forced the reptile man to let go, opting to start hammer the rats stomach with his scaled fists. The unsuspecting blows knocked the rat winded. his teeth loosening their painful grip, enough for the scaled man to force his way free of them. The rat changed tactics, resorting to angry blows as well. The two went back and forth slamming into each other, grunting in pain and snarling in anger. The fight quickly became a violent tumble as the men locked arms again and fell to the ground, kicking, biting, and punching Had the two not been locked in savage combat they would have noticed the splintering trees and thundering slams of the approaching third. It wasn’t until it was nearly upon the clearing that either finally realized the danger. Both beast men gave each other angry but fearful glances as they broke apart. With a crash of splintering trees the massive creature was upon them. The rat man scrambled to his feet to flee, instinctual fear forcing him to not look but run. But before he could take more then a step forward he felt a strong vice-like grip on his tail, letting out a terrified scream (or was it squeak?) as he was hoisted in the air. A blank fear seized him as he was held aloft, closing his eyes and covering his head but still hearing the heavy movement and smelling the ancient horrid stench of of the leviathans breath. As he was hoisted higher he heard shouting, the lizard man was screaming in some language the rat couldn’t understand. But before the rat could make sense of the words he…

…he woke up, coughing and slapping some foul smelling thing from his face before realizing where he was, memory flooding back to him. Hastily grabbing the smelling salts from Variels grip Kess apologizes before quickly packing up his gear. As the small alchemist packs away his equipment he can’t shake the feeling he has forgotten something. That something important should have happened but having no idea what it was. Shaking the thought from his mind he hoist his bag onto his back and turns back to the party. “Let’s go” he says to their confused expressions.



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