Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)


Journal of Ashlyn, Undead Hunter

Upon the destruction of whatever Foul Creature haunted the local church, I thought I had found a new friend and comrade in Dubon of Barovia. I could not have been more wrong, for although he was kind and generous in his dealings with helping to seek the daughter of a local woman, and he was polite when addressing Ireena Kolyana, he is, in fact, an affront to all things natural, a taint upon our world. I could not believe my eyes when that knight, that brilliant man in gleaming arms, was nothing more than a rotting corpse powered by the foul taint of Negative Energy. Already I feel myself corrupted by just associating with him, and yet… [scratched out]

No, my resolve must be clear. I must continue my search for the Sunsword, that I may use its power to smite all undead that walks upon our world and let the light of Sarenrae shine.

Dear Dubon, knight of valor, I pray we do not meet again, lest I will send you screaming into whatever Hell the Lady of Graves deems worthy of you.



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