Welcome to Barovia

Barovia is a mist-shrouded forest valley in the southeastern foothills of a brooding mountain range in Ustalav. This minor realm is little visited, being far off the major trade routes and having a poor reputation in surrounding lands. Ancient curses, gloomy weather, and vicious werewolves plague the long-suffering peasants who bend beneath the yoke of a cruel nobleman.


The rules will be updated here as discussion continues in the game. Basically I will allow any of the races here http://forum.rphaven.net/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=2695&p=24725#p24057 for now. Level and wealth will be decided after I know what we’re playing.

When signing up and creating your character, I want you to also answer this question: What kind of mood are you interested in?:

1. Internal Struggle: Perhaps choosing between the lesser of two evils?
2. Confusion and incongruity. Are you going mad?
3. Betrayl and distrust: Can you trust your allies?
4. Spiraling despair: do you wish to fight a seemingly unstoppable force?
5. Modern Horror: Blood, guts, and gore!

Character creation
18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8 assigned to your stats how you like, you can move two points around however you want. Also apply racial attributes and the one point you gain from . You have 16,000 gp to spend. Spend no more than 4,000 on one item. You get 2 traits (three if you choose a drawback) and 1 hero point to start off

I am Using rules from the D&D 3.5 books “Heroes of Horror” and “Libris Mortis” if you can find and want to use anything from here, let me know so we can discuss. Mostly I will be adapting the “Taint” mechanic, in which characters who are surrounded by evil too long will be corrupted by its power.

Adventure Hooks

The Following are possible hooks for your characters. Choose one when you make a character

Letter from Barovia

You are merely an adventurer staying at the Weary Horse Inn, a roadside hostel whose common room hosts patrons from the sparsely-populated countryside. You have no other reason to enter Barovia, and meet up those who are already heading there for other reasons.

Smuggler’s Den

An official one of the regions near Barovia asks you to help root out a group of smugglers operating in the area. Evidence provided by the official points to the valley of Barovia—conveniently situated outside the jurisdiction of any larger government—as the smugglers’ headquarters. The official believes the human and Halfling “gypsies” who travel throughout the region are transporting the contraband goods.

Grief’s Plea

You encounter Helene Maurgen, the grieving wife of an adventurer who was last seen entering Barovia three months ago, armed with silversheen and wolfsbane. She begs you to find her husband, or at least his body. If he is dead, she would like you to return his wedding ring to her as a memento.

Search for the Sunsword

In response to the threat of a powerful undead creature, you must seek out the legendary Sunsword. The mighty weapon disappeared from knowledge centuries ago, but your research indicates that it was last used in the remote mountain valley of Barovia.

Call of the Lightbringers

An organization known as the Lightbringers, dedicated to fighting the undead, sends out a call for help—a call that reaches your ears. A group of Lightbringers journeyed to Barovia, where they found the village plagued by zombies. The leader of the expedition sent a message to her Lightbringer superiors asking for reinforcements.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (Mavrickindigo)

Expedition to castle ravenloft banner the harrowing new Anontidae JackCroc DoctorMisterBro